Medicare Supplements

Finding the right plan has never been easier.

As your local licensed health insurance agent I am here to make your transition into medicare as stress free as possible. I take the time to search through local and nationally recognized carriers to make sure I find you the product that fits your needs and budget. And I do it at no cost to you! Call today for a free quote! 561-307-8418

Medicare Supplement

Any Doctor. Any Hospital. Nationwide. Guaranteed renewal if premium is paid. No Network Restrictions. I offer 9 plans to fit your budget.

Medicare Advantage

Let me help to simplify your coverage. Medicare Advantage plans combine hospital doctor, and prescription drug coverage. These plans can also include other benefits not offered though original medicare.

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

I help manage your prescription expenses with a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. Contact me for eligibility requirements.

Medicare Part A

What is covered?

  • Inpatient Hospital Stay
  • Skilled Nursing Care
  • Hospice
  • Home Care

Medicare Part B

What is covered?

  • Doctor Visits
  • Surgery
  • Lab Tests
  • Medical Equipment
  • Preventive Exams

Medicare Part D

Part D helps with the cost of prescription drugs not covered by Original Medicare.